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Icey Bucket™

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Great for all kinds of parties, such as dinner and birthday parties, picnics and so on! 

The ice mold makes the perfect size crushed ice chips for adding to a glass of soda pop, soft drinks, ice tea, or coffee. 

If you like smoothies and frozen cocktails, then you'll appreciate the small cubes for using as blender ice. The inner ice chamber holds 120 cubes.

How it works:

Step 1:

Insert the inner tub into the shell (Make sure the tub reaches the bottom, creating a seal between the inner tub and outer silicone shell).

Step 2:

Fill water into the channel at the top of the tub. Fill until water reaches just above the top row of cubes. Note: Pour out any water that overflows into the upper channel.


Step 3:

Snap the Lid onto the Icey Bucket™. Place into the freezer until all the water is frozen. (4-6 hours).

Step 4:

Once frozen, remove the Icey Bucket™ from the freezer, then firmly squeeze the outer shell on all sides. The soft, flexible silicone makes it easy to release ice cubes. Ice is automatically collected and stored inside the ice cup.

The 1-inch ice cube chips are great for filling water bottles or for stuffing ice packs for injuries. The Icey Bucket™ comes in handy as a portable drink cooler for the car or an ice holder for outdoor parties, picnics, camping, or fishing. 

Unlike other ice makers, our bucket is specially designed with a unique tapered shape and a thick waterproof ring. Our superior design ensures you get perfect ice cubes everytime.